About Us

For more than 15 years, DrugLogic has been an international leader dedicated to providing risk management solutions to life sciences organizations. Through our extensive industry knowledge, DrugLogic has consistently helped our clients answer many complex safety questions and meet evolving regulatory requirements in the areas of drug safety surveillance, pharmacovigilance, and risk management. Today, our clients include more than 30 global pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and research organizations. As our clients’ needs have grown, we have continued to develop more sophisticated tools and to provide expert scientific consulting services to help them implement proactive product safety monitoring programs to ensure the safety of their products from development through post-marketing.

We hold five patents in safety surveillance and are proud to have worked with leading academic and research institutions, including receiving grants from PhRMA to conduct research on best practices in drug safety.


Victor V. Gogolak
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steven A. Wordham
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations

Sheila Weiss
Chief Science Officer

Long Doan
Chief Architect

Stephanie Chung
Vice President of Research and Subject Matter Expert

Tanya G. Cote
Vice President of Administration

Advisory Board

Michael M. Barch

Alan R. Goldhammer, PhD

Bruce Roberts

Ronald J. Streck