Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reston, VA.

GPRD & DrugLogic sign Data License Agreement
‘GPRD licensees can now use the powerful analytical capabilities of the Qscan patented products’

GPRD of London, suppliers of the General Practice Research Database, and DrugLogic Inc. of Reston VA have announced their collaboration to provide a version of GPRD that integrates with DrugLogic’s Qscan analysis software. GPRD is the world’s largest, most validated database of longitudinal electronic health records of some 5 million active patients from over 600 GP practices in the UK.

Under the agreement GPRD will allow DrugLogic to format and code the GPRD database so that it can be analysed by Qscan’s statistical engines. Users can structure queries to analyse the data across multiple parameters such as condition, age, gender, family history, treatments, outcomes and many more. The online system provides differential analysis (e.g. to compare drugs and diagnosis, or reaction and drugs for different demographics) of the GPRD data.

“Understanding post-market patient reactions to drugs are an important component of modern healthcare. While there are other means to generate alerts to drug risks, the depth and breadth of the GPRD longitudinal data can lead to a fuller understanding of drug behaviour, especially as we enter an era of personalized medicine, “ said Victor Gogolak, President of DrugLogic. “We are tremendously excited to be partnering with a leading provider of anonymized medical data.”

GPRD licensees can now use the powerful analytical capabilities of the Qscan patented products for their health research and pharmacovigilance systems. Organisations without GPRD licenses can access parts of the dataset to run analyses and generate reports for domains of therapeutic interest.

Qscan already enables analysis of ADR databases such as FDAs AERS/VAERs and the Yellow Card data which are used to generate alerts and hypotheses that can then be tested using the GPRD’s 5 million anonymised electronic patient records.

From a single online application pharmaceutical companies can now set up multiple views of their areas of therapeutic interest for deep analysis contributing to Risk Management Plans and pharmacovigilance systems.

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