DrugLogic can provide an array of reports to satistfy our customers needs.

Risk Management and Trending Analysis

  • Case count progression
  • Percentages of reactions or concomitant drugs
  • Trending analyses for other trended areas of interest

Safety Surveillance Reporting

Investigative Drug Reports

  • Comprehensively analyze drug-reaction pairs with high reporting rates
  • Investigative groups of reactions, eg. DMEs, CMQs, medical concepts or syndromes

Investigative Reaction Reports

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Reports

Quarterly Flash Reports

Surveillance/Signaling Reports

  • Complications and integrated summaries
  • Signal detection reports and signal evaluation reports
  • Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Consulting

Development of pharmacovigilance workflows and supporting SOPs

Design of Risk Management programs

  • Safety specifications and pharmacovigilance plans
  • Risk management monitoring programs
  • REMS and RiskMAP documents

Development of product-specific processes for signaling and surveillance

Development of proprietary DME lists and proprietary indication lists

Research and expert testimony for product defense

Customized risk management summaries and ongoing monitoring reports

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